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The mnemonic seed and it's hexadecimal representation are essentially full access keys to your Monero funds and should be handled with the utmost care. Generating a new seed ¶ By default, constructing the Seed class without any parameters will generate a new 25 word mnemonic seed from a 32 byte hexadecimal string using os.urandom (32) Regardless of which type of mnemonic seed you use, our metal wallet Coldbit Steel can backup them all. It provides space to stamp up to 24 words on a 4mm thick stainless steel plate and a line to stamp the wallet ID. The wallet ID can be a name of the wallet used to generate the seed (eg. Mycelium). Additionally on the back of the 2mm cover plate there's space to stamp some of the metadata. A mnemonic phrase or mnemonic seed is a set of typically either 12 or 24 words, which can be used to derive an infinite number of wallets. Often times these phrases are used by cryptocurrency hardware wallets, to be written down on a piece of paper by the user to safely back up the users' funds

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  1. The mnemonic phrase, the parent private key and the seed are not the same things. The seed is built from the mnemonic phrase + salt and contains both the parent private key and the chain code. The seed contains all the components necessary to migrate or restore an HD wallet
  2. Seed phrases are sometimes called mnemonic phrases, especially in older literature. This is a bad name because the word mnemonic implies that the phrase should be memorized. It is less misleading to call them seed phrases
  3. Advice: And since your mnemonic seed consists of words that each represents part of your secret key, you must keep those words in the same order with the same spelling. If not, your secret key will not be recognized because the wallet cannot translate your mnemonic back into the correct binary

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A mnemonic phrase, mnemonic recovery phrase, mnemonic seed, seed key, and seed words are all different names of the same thing. If you break 'mnemonic phrase' you will understand 'mnemonic' stands for ' a system such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations' which assists in remembering something, while 'phrase' stands for ' a small group of words ' Doge seeds are cryptographically secure mnemonic seed phrases with added dankness. The first four words will be a randomly generated Doge-like sentence. The seed phrases are fully valid checksummed BIP39 seeds. They can be used with any cryptocurrency and can be imported into any BIP39 compliant wallet. You can test them here: iancoleman.io/bip39. If you're using this for anything important. HD Wallets: Mnemonic Seed > Extended Keys > Derivation Paths HD Wallets. Using a single seed to generate a tree of keys. BIP 32. A hierarchical deterministic wallet (or HD Wallet) is a wallet that generates all of its keys and addresses from a single source.. Deterministic means the keys and addresses are always generated in the same way every time..

In the official wallet, the mnemonic seed comprises 25 words with the last word being used as a checksum. Those words correspond to a 256-bit integer, which is the account's private spend key . The private view key is derived by hashing the private spend key with Keccak-256, producing a second 256-bit integer Encrypted Mnemonic Seed: Encrypt requires a mnemonic seed in 1. and encrypts it with the key in 8., placing the result in 9. Decrypt requires an encrypted seed in 9. and key in 8., and places the result in 1. Select your method in dropdown menu. Technical details: in the Old (Keccak) method, the key was hashed with 10,000 rounds of keccak, then xor'ed with the hex seed to. Your Wallet & Its Master Seed. March 19, 2021 04:47. Follow. Our wallet is built on an HD (or hierarchical deterministic) framework, which is the industry standard for bitcoin address generation and management. Each public address your wallet generates stems from your wallet's xPub (or Extended Public Key) BIP39 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) is a mnemonic code or sentence (a group of easy to remember words) used for generating hierarchically deterministic keys. Bitcoin and other wallet applications use hierarchical deterministic key generation process to theoretically derive infinite number of cryptographic secret from a single seed

Number to Mnemonic — 1 SHA-256. Mnemonic to Seed — 4096 SHA-512. Seed to Private Key — 2 SHA-512. Private Key to Address — 10 SHA-512, 3 SHA-256, 1 RIPEMD-160, 5 EC Additions, 3 EC. If you have a hardware wallet, online wallet, or have purchased crypto, you've likely heard the term mnemonic seed. This simply stands for a collection of This simply stands for a collection. Mnemonic Seed Bilgilendirme Güvenlik İpuçları . Tekil Adres. Address type: Segwit Segwit (bech32) Legacy. QR kod hata düzeltmesi: Yüksek İleri Orta Düşük. Adres Üret, , , , Bip38 şifreleme, kağıt cüzdanınızı bir parola ile korumanıza olanak vererek ekstra güvenlik sağlar. Kağıt cüzdanınız çalınırsa veya özel anahtar ifşa olursa, parola olmadan kilidi. Such a mnemonic seed is a collection of random words which need to be put in the right order to restore access to the wallet. It also means an existing mnemonic-based bitcoin wallet address can be..

Man schreibt sich gewissenhaft die Backup Wörter (Mnemonic, SEED) auf und bewahrt diese sicher auf. Eines Tages werden diese plötzlich benötigt. Doch was, we.. Luckily Miguel sent us a 17 word sequence called mnemonic seed. Unfortunately not supported anymore by blockchain.com. Instead they now use a 12 word mnemonic from a 2048 word list that is your.. The mnemonic seed is a sequence or a word scheme that helps the brain remember more complicated things. An example of mnemonic seed phrase; May I have a large container of coffee beans in English (may I have a large container of coffee beans). This sentence represents Pi, each letter corresponding to the position of each 3.14159265 decimal place. The mnemonic seed words in cryptocurrency is. Mnemonic seed (or seed phrase) is necessary to access your wallet and the data stored from a new device or in case the first gadget you used has been lost, or if you forgot your password to the previous wallet. Basically, you type your mnemonic seed on a new device and are able to recover the old wallet. One seed is able to recover all your addresses which is very convenient. However, it is.

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A mnemonic phrase, mnemonic recovery phrase or bitcoin seed is a list of words which store all the information needed to recover a bitcoin wallet. A wallet will typically generate a mnemonic backup phrase and instruct the user to write it down on paper. If the user's computer breaks or their hard drive becomes corrupted, they can download the same wallet again and use the paper backup to get their bitcoins back A mnemonic seed is a 128 bit random number that is run through HMAC-512 hashing algorithm to produce a master key. The main advantage of starting with a 12-word seed is the ease of backing up the wallet. The core wallet, by default, will generate a 12-word seed and calculated master key for derivation. When using the 12-word seed, the derivation path will use the BIP44 standard. A command-line. Keep your seed phrase (mnemonics) secure in metal! Fireproof - Waterproof - Insect proof - for life time keeping COMPATIBLE WITH ALL BIP39 WALLETS: Allows 24 word Seed Phrases and stores first 4 letters of each word Mnemonic (seed phrase) backup feature was introduced in December 2019 with version, following the BIP39 standard.. This allows you to easily store a backup of your wallet offline as well as restoring it to other compatible wallets that supports mnemonic words, instead of just backing up your wallet.dat file previous Learn how to create your own mnemonic seeds without having to rely on wallets and various mnemonic seed generators

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A mnemonic seed is used for a lot of wallets, and users traditionally write down either a 12, 18 or 24-word phrase that is tied to their private keys. The use of mnemonics, or 'memoria technica. Mnemonic recovery seed . BIP39 - used to manage your recovery seed and recovery words. Abstract. This BIP describes the implementation of a mnemonic code or mnemonic sentence -- a group of easy to remember words -- for the generation of deterministic wallets. It consists of two parts: generating the mnemonic, and converting it into a binary seed. This seed can be later used to generate. A mnemonic seed is a way of representing this key in an easy to read and easy to record format. Each word represents a small piece of your key, and when they are put back together in the same order can be used to regenerate your key. For the key to be recovered, both the words and the order in which they were entered must be correct. If your mnemonic seed is compromised and becomes known by.

Mnemonic seed. The mnemonic seed is a string that comprises 14 words and allows you to recreate your private keys. Keep it secure! Generating... Private keys (optional) The spend key and view key are the raw private keys for the new wallet. They are here for your information, since they can be recovered using the mnemonic seed in the above box. When you first initiate the Theta wallet, you'll be asked to set up a mnemonic phrase to secure your wallet. This will also serve as the key to restore your Theta wallet in case you lose your device, or need to move your Theta wallet to a new device. This feature allows you to effectively keep your Theta Tokens in cold storage. After storing your tokens in the Theta wallet, and making 100%.

A mnemonic phrase, alternatively called a recovery phrase or a seed, acts as the key to your wallet. It's all you need to have full control of your funds and be able to restore your wallet if you lose your device. This method of recovery is used by hierarchical deterministic wallets, where the phrase generates and provides access to a nearly. Atomic Wallet backup with Mnemonic seed. If something goes wrong you can easily recover your funds via back-up phrase or by exporting private key. Here is a process how you can restore access to your wallet by Mnemonic Seed. Conclusion. Take your mnemonic seed, private keys and master password, and intruders will never get access to your assets

A mnemonic phrase, mnemonic seed, or seed phrase is a group of words that allow access to a cryptocurrency wallet. Other names for this include recovery phrase and backup phrase. Sometimes people use this interchangeably with private key, though this isn't quite correct. A mnemonic phrase can generate multiple private keys. Seed phrases have some problems. Not only are seed phrases. Bitcoin address generator. Move your mouse around here for randomness. 0%. You can skip this step if you do not plan to generate valuable wallets. If you skip, you can refresh the page to be able to enter randomness again

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A mnemonic phrase (also known as mnemonic seed, or seed phrase) is a list of words used in sequence to access or restore your cryptocurrency assets. It should be kept secret from everyone else. It is a standard in most HD wallets. Featured. Mnemonic Phrase Articles. How to Use a Bitcoin Wallet. How-to Guides . Join the thousands already learning crypto! Join our free newsletter for daily. If the mnemonic is used purely as BIP39, that is a Bitcoin address is generated directly from the randomly generated used encoded into mnemonic, you need to follow below steps: a) Do n * 11 (where n is the number of mnemonic words). If it is 12, you will get 12 * 11 = 132. b) Calculate the number of seed bits using, 132 = l + l/32, which will give you 128 bit. c) Convert each of the mnemonic. Secure your 12/24 words mnemonics in cold storage crypto metal wallet, backup your seed phrase and digital assets. Keep your mnemonics safe by storing them in metal. The ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonics is water proof, insect proof, mold proof and fire proof mnemonic-seed. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Feb 1 '18 at 1:42. Ryan Ellis Ryan Ellis. 163 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Add a comment | 2 Answers Active Oldest Votes. 3. You aren't actually encoding the same entropy with different checksums. The last word does not encode just the checksum, it also encodes some portion of the original entropy. For a 12 word mnemonic, the.

Mnemonic phrase, This process is also existing libraries (rust- bitcoin, mnemonics to serve as — Most popular cryptocurrency your Bitcoin private key Bip39-mnemonic-to-seed How I checked explained well in Mastering seed phrase plus the can reveal individual bitcoin this Mnemonic Code Converter over 1 trillion mnemonics Retrieve Private Key from private key Bitcoin and is used for a phrase. Mnemonic seed Bitcoin, Insider reveals: You have to read! Ergo are the unique Benefits of mnemonic seed Bitcoin on the hand: The countless Outings and Customersopinions of the medium confirm undoubtedly, that this countless Benefits Outweigh: dubious medical Investigations can avoided be; You bypass the Way to Doctor & Pharmacist, which one itself About Your problem makes fun & They do not at. An example mnemonic seed phrase. If you're not already aware, mnemonic seed phrases pull from a well-defined wordlist containing 2048 words. Secure mnemonic phrase generation is a function of. If someone knows the twelve words in your mnemonic seed, they still have control over your account even if they do not know the password. Set Address for Polkadot Mainnet. Now we will ensure that the addresses are displayed as Polkadot mainnet addresses. Click on Options at the top of the plugin window, and under Display address format for select Polkadot Relay Chain. Your address.

The $28 Universal Key Package made by Crypto Keys is another engravable wallet for mnemonic seed storage. Crypto Keys are also made of steel and the set comes with 13 double-sided keys. A BIP-0039 compliant wallet can generate 12-24 word mnemonic seed (128-256 bit) using the BIP-0039-wordlists. Another important difference to highlight is the function of the passphrase. The Decred wallet passphrase encrypts the locally installed wallet's private keys and will be required when signing new transaction. This passphrase can always be changed and it is not needed in the event of. A Mnemonic Phrase is also called Seed Phrase or Recovery Backup for a decentralized wallet. It is a list of words and proof of ownership of your crypto assets. Once someone gets hold of your mnemonic phrase, they can practically take full control of your assets. The Mnemonic Phrase can be generated under different standards. BIP39/44 is the most widely adopted standard in the crypto space. All. A seed phrase is a sequence of 12 words that gives you, and only you, access to the cryptocurrency you've received. When you want to withdraw the funds you've received on Coinbase Commerce, you'll be prompted to enter your seed phrase, and this seed will be used to sign a blockchain transaction directly in your browser

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Mnemonic Seed. Deze pagina is nog niet vertaald. Wil je deze pagina vertalen? Lees dan de README. The Basics. A 13 or 25 word phrase used to backup a Monero account, available in a number of languages. This 25-word phrase (13 words in the case of MyMonero) has all the information needed to view and spend funds from a Monero account. In-depth Information . In the official wallet, the mnemonic. Mnemonischer Seed. Grundlagen. Eine aus 13 oder 25 Wörtern bestehende Wortfolge, welche zur Sicherung eines Monero-Kontos genutzt wird und in mehreren Sprachen verfügbar ist. Diese 25-teilige Wortfolge (im Fall von MyMonero 13-teilig) enthält alle benötigten Informationen, um Gelder eines Monero-Kontos ansehen und ausgeben zu können. Ausführliche Informationen. Beim offiziellen Wallet. This is also known as a mnemonic seed (phrase), recovery phrase, wallet back up, master seed, etc. These words aren't just any words. They are pulled from a specific list of 2048 words known as the BIP39 wordlist . Upon start up, wallets that utilize the BIP39 standard will provide you a 12-24 word phrase randomly chosen from the standard BIP39. The 512-bit seed is produced by a Password-Based Key Derivation Function, and specifically, PBKDF2.The inputs to this function are the pseudorandom function (HMAC-SHA512), a password (our mnemonic sentence), a salt, and the number of iterations the hash function will run (2048).. The only argument we haven't covered yet is the salt.This is an opportunity to add an additional level of. The recovery phrase is sometimes called (mnemonic) seed. Anyone who gets your recovery phrase can take your crypto assets. Ledger does not store your private keys, nor ever asks for it. Always ensure your 24-word recovery phrase is obtained from the device screen. Always double-check the spelling and list position of each recovery phrase word. Keep your Recovery sheet physically secure to make.

We now have an account key, we can start generating some X-chain addresses! ADDRESS_COUNT = 10 for index in range (ADDRESS_COUNT): addr = BIP32.get_address_for_index (accountHdKey, '0', index, X, avax) print (addr) There you go! A 100% offline AVAX address generator starting from a mnemonic seed! You can find the complete script ( offline. When you replace the generated mnemonic seed with your existing one, you aren't actually creating a new account, rather adding that account onto the Polkadot-JS UI. Any account using the same seed words will have control over that account on-chain. This is why it is so important to keep your seed words secret and safe. Finally, click the Save button, then click the Create and backup account. Questions tagged [mnemonic-seed] Ask Question. A 13 or 25 word phrase used to backup a monero account, available in a number of languages. This 25-word phrase (13 words in the case of MyMonero) has all the information needed to view and spend funds from a Monero account. Learn more Retrieve your 25 word mnemonic seed that you saved when creating your old Monero wallet; Account Software: monero-wallet-cli. Open a command prompt and navigate to the drive and directory that contains monero-wallet-cli. At the command prompt type: monero-wallet-cli --restore-deterministic-wallet. Once you press enter you will be prompted for a wallet file name. Give your wallet a new name.

If you are using the GUI, the procedure is much simpler - you just click the 'Restore wallet from 25 word mnemonic seed' button displayed when the wallet application starts. Your 25 Monero wallet seed is told to you when you create a new wallet. If you have forgotten your seed but still have the wallet on your computer, you can ask the wallet to tell you the seed: [wallet 47CL7F]: seed PLEASE. Bitcoin mnemonic seed is off route to be. Investing IN Bitcoin hindquarters seem complicated, but it is large indefinite amount easier when you break it down into steps. For Bitcoin mnemonic seed, you don't have to sympathise computer programming to realize that banks, businesses, the bold, and the brash are cashing Hoosier State on. If not, then click on the network name, click on Live Networks > Dock, and click Switch. 2. Click on + Add Account and complete the name and password fields, then click Next and Save. Important: save the mnemonic seed in a safe, offline place. This is required to restore access to your account

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Save and backup the seed mnemonic that is shown. You will need this if you wish to recover your wallet later. To recover a previously used account that is somewhere in the blockchain: Click Add account. Under Recover from seed, enter the Mnemonic and Password associated with your account. The recovered account is now shown under the Accounts tab. Multiple Accounts. Once an account has been. I only have 12 words from my mnemonic seed. A . Written by Admin Updated over a week ago If you only have 12 of the 13 words of your MyMonero Private Key: The MyMonero wallet uses 13 words as the private key the 13th word is the sum of all. Therefore it is the same word as one of the 12 earlier words. Simply try 12 combinations and you should be able to log in. Did this answer your question. Mnemonic seed is 25 words string that represents a seed that is used to generate private keys and the public address. Mnemonic seed is your backup. If you lose it, you'll never be able to restore your Monero wallet! Make sure to never store the seed and private keys (especially the spend key) on your computer! Instead, write it down on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe. Get a FREE e.

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Mnemonic seed. The mnemonic seed is a string that 25 words and allows you to recreate your private keys. Keep it secure According to BIP 39, a mnemonic seed is converted into a binary seed using PBKDF2-SHA-512. To turn a 24 word seed into a 12 word seed, you'd need to find a 12 word seed that produced the same binary seed as the 24 word seed, which would constitute a seconds preimage attack on PBDKF2-SHA-512, which is believed to be impossible What's the purpose of mnemonic seed phrases? The main purpose [] Read more. Can BIP-39 passphrase be cracked ? In a recent post about BIP-39 I described how mnemonic sentences in the context of Bitcoin work and what makes them secure. 128 or 256 bit cryptography is considered secure and unbreakable now and for the foreseeable future. It's the basis on which Bitcoin wallet security. I want to convert a 24 words length seed phrase into a private key using web3. web3js myetherwallet private-key. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Jan 24 '20 at 20:42. viarnes viarnes. 178 1 1 silver badge 9 9 bronze badges. Add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. 4. Here are two options: Using ethers.js - the example below uses a mnemonic ethers wallet documentation. const.

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BIP39 seed phrases have a checksum. This helps speed up cracking a phrase with missing words. About; Archive; cryptography. Cracking BIP39 Seed Phrases . by Steve Marx on August 28, 2020 In my last post about BIP39, I mentioned that the checksum could be used to help in case you lost a word from your seed phrase. In this post, I'll expand on exactly how the checksum helps. Algorithm for. Mnemonic Code Converter. A tool for converting BIP39 mnemonic phrases to addresses and private keys. Enter your BIP39 phrase into the 'BIP39 Phrase' field, or press 'Generate Random Phrase'. You can save this page, turn off internet and generate private keys as lot as you wish While playing with AVAX programming in Python, I wanted to have some wallet functionality on the Linux command line. It's easily done from Javascript, since Ava Labs provides an official library, but this specific application required Python and I really didn't wanna mix the two languages (although it's perfectly fine if you do). You could [ Mnemonics to remember the bronchopulmonary segments are:. A PALM Seed Makes Another Little Palm (right lung); ASIA ALPS (left lung); Mnemonics 'A PALM Seed Makes Another Little Palm'. right upper lobe. A: apical segment P: posterior segment A: anterior segment middle lobe. L: lateral segment M: medial segment right lower lobe. S: superior segment M: medial segment A: anterior segmen Mnemonic phrase, mnemonic seed, or seed phrase are defined as a secret group of words that represent a wallet. When used in sequence they allow access to the cryptocurrencies stored within

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A secure 64-byte seed is generated from a mnemonic and can be protected by a passphrase. This seed can be used to contruct a Bip class. Code example. from bip_utils import Bip39SeedGenerator # If not specified, the passphrase will be empty passphrase = my_passphrase seed_bytes = Bip39SeedGenerator(mnemonic).Generate(passphrase) BIP-0032 librar Your 24-word mnemonic seed will work with any other HD wallet that supports these standards, not just with Ledger wallets. Going Beyond Cryptocurrencies ¶ Hierarchical deterministic wallets are useful for a lot more than just securing assets on blockchains Mnemonic seeds have become somewhat of the norm in the world of cryptocurrency wallets these days. Even popular hardware wallet solutions use this method, and often include a paper sheet for users to note down their phrase. Every wallet has its own unique seed, even though they can be comprised of the same words as that of another user. The order in which these words need to be entered is what. Your seed phrase is never transmitted, received or stored. That's why you CANNOT lose your seed phrase, keep it somewhere safe. If you lose your seed phrase, your account cannot be recovered and your wallet will be inaccessible. Generate a new DAPS wallet or; Login with your 24 word mnemonic / seed phrase *Imported wallets scanning and syncing can take up to 10 minutes to complete depending on.

The mnemonic is created by following the specifications in BIP-0039 and the mnemonic can then used to generate a binary seed. This binary seed can be used later to generate all the key pairs in a deterministic wallet. Therefore, the mnemonic is all you need to keep your coins safe. This is a big improvement in security and also paves the way for possible integration into hardware wallets such. BIP39 Word List Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP 39) Your 12-24 recovery seed phrase or wallet backup most likely comes from the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal: 39 (BIP 39).BIP 39 is the use of a mnemonic phrase -- a group of easy to remember words -- to serve as your back up recovery in the event your wallet becomes compromised You can enter an existing BIP39 mnemonic, or generate a new random one. Typing your own twelve words will probably not work how you expect, since the words require a particular structure (the last word is a checksum). For more info see the BIP39 spec. Generate a random mnemonic: GENERATE. words, or enter your own below. Mnemonics with less than 12 words have low entropy and may be guessed by.

They are here for your information, since they can be recovered using the mnemonic seed in the above box. If you decide to keep them, keep them secure. Spend key: Generating... View key: Generating... GPG instructions. How to verify GPG signatures. All released versions of this page will be GPG signed by SmyjeNz0, to avoid trojaned versions being passed around. It is in your interest to check. Mnemonic seed. The mnemonic seed is a string that comprises 25 words and allows you to recreate your private keys. COPY IT and keep it secure

That's why as a user you are only required to back up this 12-word mnemonic seed because ultimately all the pairs are generated from this only !! If you have noticed while using modern HD wallets like Ledger Nano S or Coinomi this magic of seed happens when we restore our Bitcoin wallets. When restoring your HD wallet using a 12-word seed, the wallet asks you to enter your seed correctly and. Monero GUI is compatible with Ledger Hardware wallets and allows you to easily display your balances and manage your transactions. - Ledger + Monero GUI enable you to add another layer of security to your favorite service Our wallet implements BIP44 to generate accounts and addresses, and BIP39 to generate the Secret Private Key Recovery Phrase (or seed, as it is also called). The recovery phrase generated in your Blockchain wallet is compatible with other bitcoin wallets that implement BIP44/BIP39. Because of the way these BIPs work you only need to backup your wallet once. Once the wallet is backed up it is. The third example demonstrates a 25-word abbreviated mnemonic seed. Of course, the aesthetically designed capsule is also able to store 20-word Shamir backups and 24-word recovery seeds in their abbreviated forms. Standardised letter tiles vs hand-written solution. Our aim is to standardise the offline information protection system and provide a solution right out of the box. You don't need. I've found out recently that it's possible to create my own mnemonic sentence for Ledger Nano S or any other hardware or software wallet that uses BIP-39 proposal for generating deterministic keys. This standard describes an algorithm for generating a sentence from a predefined wordlist containing 2048 words, then converting it into a binary seed that can be later used to generate.

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A mnemonic seed passphrase is a 12 to 24-word passphrase which allows cryptocurrency wallet users to recover wallets in the event of theft, damage or any other kind of problem. Sadly, this means that even the best bitcoin wallet (hardware or web-based) can't fully protect user assets. Bitcoin backup keys and wallet passphrases need to be written down and stored separately to wallets. While Milne had intended for the seed phrase to eventually be solved and the 1 BTC transferred, he was impressed by how quickly an attacker was able to force the final seed words. Milne claims it took the hacker just 44 hours to crack the wallet and that the user paid 0.01 BTC ($93) in mining fees to transfer the bitcoin before others could employ the same brute force attack Such a mnemonic seed is a collection of random words which need to be put in the right order to restore access to the wallet. It also means an existing mnemonic-based bitcoin wallet address can be imported into different solutions supporting mnemonic seeds. One of the most commonly used services to make use of mnemonic seeds is Blockchain.info . The company uses the mnemonic passphrase when. The mnemonic seed is simply a way to represent a secret key for your wallet on the blockchain. As long as you backup your mnemonic seed, you can restore you wallet even without your wallet files. An AEON mnemonic seed consists of 24 words, while a Monero seed uses 25 words (mymonero uses exceptional 13 words). Those 24 words are taken out of a dictionary, which can be language specific. from btc_hd_wallet import (bip39_seed_from_mnemonic, mnemonic_from_entropy_bits, mnemonic_from_entropy) # mnemonic from number of entropy bits (allowed entropy bits 128,160,192,224,256) menmonic = mnemonic_from_entropy_bits (entropy_bits = 256) # mnemonic from entropy hex mnemonic = mnemonic_from_entropy.

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